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AW: Wände aus Stoff / Altkleidern??? #7 (Permalink)
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Hi!Bin sehr interessiert an deiner Erfahrung!!!
Kannst gern auf Englisch schreiben, war selbst ein Jahr in London und werd dich hoffentlich verstehen ;-)

The system I developed was for external walls, and was a thermal insulation system. It also had a "Gestallterisch" (aesthetic) value which was a very strong element of the concept.

As I said, it was for a technical studies project in my diploma, and purely theoretical. The concept was well received and I got a 1.0 for the unit. Once time where going wild with an idea paid off for me! I usually sacrificed the safe option design wise for pursuing my ideas, not always with such success!

Is this for a student project? I'e be very happy to go through my developments with you - it would be interesting to see where someone else takes the idea, and how it's received!

All the best,


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