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6th Int. Conference in Landscape Architecture in Dessau (D) - Real Time Visualization

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Real-time Visualization and Participation, New Technologies for Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning

Date: May 26/27/28 2005 at campus Anhalt University in Dessau.

Main topics:
- Integrated Landscape Visualization Systems
- Implications for the Planning Process
- Aesthetics, Reliability and Representation Validity of Virtual Landscapes
- Ecosystem and Land Use Modeling for Landscape Visualization
- Visual Quality Modeling using Virtual Environments
- Participation and Communication Techniques

Keynote speakers:
Prof. Dr. Ian Bishop, University of Melbourne
Prof. Dr. Eckart Lange, ETH Zürich and University of Sheffield
Bill Lennertz, National Charrette Institute

For further information, program and registration, please visit our website: http://www.masterla.de/conf/index.htm

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