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distroe 20.04.2015 11:31

doubleing the wall at expansion joint
Hello all and please excuse for not posting in German.
I have a design in progress which is an energy building hosting many electrical equipment. The structure has one expansion joint by design, which doubles the columns. There is one compartmentation wall between one set of columns. The roof level is different for the two building parts.
Do you believe is it necessary to add an extra wall at the other part of the joint, so as to avoid a risk of rainwater pouring in and possibly damaging the equipment?

Dan Stroescu

Florian 24.04.2015 14:18

AW: doubleing the wall at expansion joint
Please post a sketch. I do not understand your worries about the rainwater in this context...

distroe 26.04.2015 00:17

AW: doubleing the wall at expansion joint
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So to be more clear, please look at the sketches. Both show an expansion joint, with 2 buildings of different heights. The joint is capped by a flashing/insulation/etc. So my question is: is there ok a joint open to the interior (section 1) or a closure -wall (section 2) is needed, to keep the water out if the flashing breaks?

Regards, Dan

Florian 04.05.2015 14:25

AW: doubleing the wall at expansion joint
Water should never enter the gap. The gap must be sealt on the roof with 2 or 3 layers of waterproofung. The gap itself must be closed with some kind of filling (Weicheinlage in German), wich must be fireproof and ontop a PE round cord to compensate the movement forces of the two building parts to the waterproofing layers.

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