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distroe 01.03.2015 08:52

drawing in realtime for messaging
Hello everybody,
I am an architect and i am supposed to work a design project at distance. Please reccomend me a software that will be able to collaborate on a sketch in realtime, just like chatting on Yahoo Messenger or similar. What i need is that both myself and the other architect to draw/erase on the same sketch, and the result to be instantly visible.

Thank you,

fst 01.03.2015 12:01

AW: drawing in realtime for messaging
I've never seen a software which can do this in realtime.
With ArchiCAD and Teamwork/BIM Server you can work on the same project,
but you can't see realtime what your partner is drawing. The sync must be started manual, so that there is a delay of some minutes.

Maybe a good alternative is desktop sharing with f.e. teamviewer.

A combination of both should be very comfortable. When you discuss some
points you do this with desktop sharing and in the meantime you work on the same project.

distroe 01.03.2015 15:25

AW: drawing in realtime for messaging
Thank you. I believe i'll go for the teamviewer, best.

Regards, Dan

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